Back to Bake: Intensive Baking Demo with Ladang Lima X Goodiebake X Herbilogy

Ini event tahunan menjelang Idul Fitri kerjasama Goodiebake dan Ladang Lima, tahun ini didukung oleh Herbilogy, Rumah 12, Moayu Cosmetics, Mozlima Salon Muslimah, Genus Organik dan Moza Kitchen. Saya akan bebikinan cookies, klappertaart dan pizza yang semuanya menggunakan bahan dasar … Continue reading

Review: Loobie Lobsters & Shrimp

We eventually got to dine-in at Loobie Lobsters & Shrimp together, I, hubby and Ammar last week.

Located at jl. Gunawarman no.32, Senopati, Jakarta Selatan, this tiny resto ensured there were no empty space in our tummy.

The menu available in choices of weighted whole/ 500 grams/ 250 grams lobsters and shrimps, local and imported, to offer more convenient size portion with affordable price. There is also combo menu at IDR 140K for two (included drinks) which valid on Tuesdays.


Started with ice tea which really surprised me of the size that I could shared it with Ammar, followed by ordering 1 portion mix platter as they recommended. The drink costs IDR 13,5K and the platter costs IDR 140K.


This reasonable price of platter came in a half slice of local lobster, sliced big whole local shrimp, a crunchy yet chewy calamari and a cupped rice. Wow!

Although I came in starving to death, I could not finished them all and hubby & Ammar were not helping at all hahaha.


There are 2 choices of sauces, chilli garlic and sambal matah (matah means raw) contains raw chillies, raw onion marinated in hot boiling oil. I recommend sambal matah as what hubby choosen, as I thought chilli garlic will come in chilli with garlic but apparently it is chilli sauce which contains garlic, a ‘lil bit salty that goes well with the calamari.


Hubby had ordered the best choice, I guess, MLB 500 grams which costs about IDR 162,5K. An imported sliced lobster which were more juicy, meatier and tastier than mine. The menu came in big lobster, calamari and rice. No empty space in his tummy after.

Ammar loved the Tiramisu he ordered which costs IDR 15K but did not really enjoy the main course.


Our family meal costs around IDR 386K for the whole happy three of us.

I notice that this Holycow group member’s resto has a bit salty signature dish but it is good with reasonable price and for sure we’ll SEA you again, Loobie!