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(price subject to change)

GF-CF-DF Cream Puffs (available on GoFood) per 10pcs: Vanilla/ Chocolate/ Mix: 95/ 105/ 100K.
Shell ingredients: cassava flour, corn starch, margarine, egg, vanilla extract, water, no salt, no sugar. Filling: dairy free whipcream, vanilla custard/ chocolate spread, no added sugar.

GF Breads for pick up/delivery Tuesday & Friday
🍞 Plain bread per loaf 20x7cm/ Baguette (Regular GFCFDF): Plain 60K/ Moringa 70K/ Black 85K

🍞 Plain bread per loaf 20x7cm/ Baguette (GFCFDF Vegan): Plain 70K/ Moringa 70K/ Black 85K

πŸ” Burger Buns (6pcs): Plain regular/ Vegan: 70/ 80K | Black regular/ Vegan: 90/ 100K | Garlic Herbed: +5K

πŸ₯Bread Rolls (12 rolls per pan): Honey-glazed cinnamon (regular/vegan) : 150K | Black vanilla filling (regular/vegan): 150K

Goodiebake Signature Menu – Pre-order at any day:
🍰 GF Vegan Sugar-free Banana Cake: Blondie or Chocolate 18x18cm – 175K
πŸŽ‚ Dairy-free Boston Cream Cake D20cm.Vanilla/Chocolate: starts 195K/ 235K
πŸŽ‚ Vegan Chocolate Cake D20cm: starts 225K

Open pre order daily before 12pm:
🍩 Gluten Free, Vegan Fried Doughnuts with separated dusting sugar: 12pcs – 80K. Ingredients: cassava flour, rice flour, oat, palm sugar, salt, yeast, banana, coconut oil, psyllium husk, vanilla. Fried with coconut oil.
🍩 Premix GFV Doughnut pouch 300G – 35K (DIY result 12-20 pcs donuts)

πŸͺ Homemade GF Cookies

Please message us for availability: butter cookies, vegan cookies, Ladang Lima cookies.

πŸŽ‚ Custom GF Cake