Fun fearless cooking and baking in my tool-limited kitchen. Founded by the end of 2009, I intend to share with you my cooking experience in simple and healthy way, well at least I tried to. My signature’s choice mostly on bake goodies or sweet snacks.

Some of the recipes have probably been posted in my other blog. Should you ever interested in having the same experience in English version, please feel free to contact me for any of assistance.

Pictures in this site are amateur, taken by me, myself, using a digital pocket camera (sometimes mobile phone camera) which currently has an error in zooming function. Bah!

I hope you enjoy it and please visit back 🙂


I am a culinary enthusiast, a working mom who started to work for food & beverage industry for less than 5 years long time ago, then spent almost all of my professional life in IT environment with a background in tourism and communications.

I’m not really a foodie but fearless to cook and bake to share it mostly with family (and friends). I do the cooking, baking, dishwashing (with a kind house-helper) and make the picture for this blog site.


Born in November 27th, 2007, he is the one big reason I cook since he is in my womb and his first solid food for sure. He is a homemade foodie, my biggest client ever. With not-so-picky personality, he loves creamy and chocolate kind of goodies as well as fruits and veggies. Spinach is one of his favorites.


The second big client of the house, a bit food-picky with reasonable compromise. This loving hubby is a talented handyman, he gives full support on home-operational things such as dishwasher sink, stove, otang (oven tangkring, portable oven), lamps, ceiling, door knob, washtafel, etc. And of course, my food consumer. LOL. Potato is his favorite, not a banana.