My Quick Late Lunch: Spicy Fusili

Pasta is like my appetite hero at home, whenever I feel like lost my appetite, I would make any simple things with pasta using any available ingredients at the kitchen. Always works for the whole family.

At least this made my day…


Spicy Fusili
By Ade Sri, Goodiebake

A portion of aldente Fusili pasta
A teaspoon of butter
A teaspoon of cooking oil
A generous teaspoon of flake chilli
One garlic, chopped
A sprinkle of thyme
One whole tomato, seeded and sliced (this is my natural MSG)
Salt and pepper to taste.

How to make it:
I usually use extra virgin olive oil but not this time :p
Put butter and oil in a hot pan, stir in garlic until fragrant and add the tomato followed by the rest ingredients. Stir untilbjust combined. Serve in a plate. Sprinkle with lime juice.



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