How to Make Your Own Cupcake Stand

Hi, I’m back updating this blog. Sorry for my busy-ness lately that I wish I could keep my commitment in updating Goodiebake’s content, but apparently always “later and tomorrow” and bla..bla…bla…blank. Again.

Now, I want to show you something of what me and my husband did few months ago. Yes, a cupcake stand, handmade, homemade.

cupcake stand by goodiebake

This idea came from when I visited IKEA Singapore last year which I wasn’t able to buy the cupcake stand for some reasons…


And then…the other tempting stands I saw online…

cake stand
I saw an acrylic stand in cake store, like the one in the picture which cost about 1 million and more. It’s up to you, but I made up with my own cupcake stand.

Handmade Cupcake Stand

All you just need:

  • Super glue, cost IDR 5,000
  • Ceramic Mugs and random-size Plates, cost IDR 10,000 per kilo – I found the sale at supermarket down town :p

ceramic mug & plate

Illustration image only.

How to make it:

  • Apply some glue on each sides of mug
  • Prone or put the mug upside down and stack on the first big plate
  • Stack to the second smaller plate
  • That’s it. You can make two tiers, three or one like mine below. My husband was able to make 3 random pairs of the stand. Woohooo!

PS. My son took this picture on Goodiebake's Cupcake Sale :)

PS. My son took these pictures on Goodiebake's Cupcake Sale 🙂

Or, you can actually make one-time-used pretty cake stand like this here. Good luck!



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