Easy Peasy Egg-Less Chocolate Pudding

Hi, its me again. Off course, who else? :p

I was in a hurry, but still want to serve the best for my family, especially my beloved son. Easy story behind this Easy Peasy Egg-Less Chocolate Pudding with Egg-Less Mocha Sauce. Enjoy!


Easy Peasy Egg-Less Chocolate Pudding with Egg-Less Mocha Sauce

1 sachet (30 g) Nutrijell instant jelly, Chocolate flavour
160 g granulated sugar
500 ml UHT milk plain
200 ml UHT milk chocolate

Mocha sauce:
1.5 tbs custard
3 tbs chocolate milk powder
1 tsp coffee powder
60-75 g granulated sugar, at your taste
300 ml water

Pudding: Mix all ingredient, stir constantly and bring to a boil. Pour into pudding molds. Let it set and place in the fridge.

Mocha sauce: Mix all ingredient and bring to a boil over medium heat, stirring constantly until batter is thicken. Move it to sauce bowl. Let it cool.

Presentation: Serve chilled pudding with cooled mocha sauce and enjoy.


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