F.I.Y.W. on Original Klappertaart

Fall Into You, Wid. Naah! That was not the words which stand for it and I kept on guessing myself eversince. Damn, Yusuf! Hahahahahah.

Anyway, this was special request from my friend, Yusuf, to put that F.I.Y.W. on Klappertaart, 1 for his beloved girl-friend and the other for his family. I was thinking of another else but eventually came to write with the raisins it-self. So I decided to make a good wrap to one of them.


As the Klappertaarts will have to travel for at least 10 hours trip to Magetan, East Java, his hometown, so we made a little  negotiation. I have to bake it to preserve its quality, au bain marie method, and then freezed it and he should bring them himself carefully. Deal done!

Woho! The client was happy and so did I. I’m copying Yusuf’s text message below as I was checking him upon his travelling:
“Wow…thank you very much..alhamdulillah selamat sampe tujuan..:d And the most important, its really tasty and she loves it sooooo much :p”

Ok, Fachruddin Ira Yusuf Widya, thank you for your business 🙂

I hope I make a good guess now for that F.I.Y.W. *evil laugh*

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