@Cheloflores, This is Your Indonesian’s Style Beef Stew!

This recipe is dedicated to my Pinoy friend, Chelo. I put an @ in front of her name, so she will get mentioned over my Twitter.


One day, few years ago, we visited my mom when she cooked this kind of sweet beef. I never thought that Chelo would love that hehehe. I guess it is because some of Philipines cuisine are borned sweet, no?

She liked this sweet beef thing so much and I owe her the recipe. Sorry, Chel, this took so long :p

So, here it is, my version of Beef Stew, Semur Daging in my language. Enjoy!

Indonesian’s Style Beef Stew (Semur Daging)
Serves 5

250g beef, medium cubed
2 pcs (100g) potato, medium cubed
2 blocks (80g) fried tofu, medium cubed
2 tbs soy sauce ( I used mild kikkoman)
2 tbs kecap Inggeris (worcetersire sauce)
5 tbs sweet soy sauce
2 pcs salam leaf (similar to bay leaf)

Spices, ground with pestle if possible:
2 pcs candlenut
4 pcs red onion
2 pcs garlic
1 tsp corriander seed
1 pinch nutmeg
1 tsp white pepper
Thumb-size fresh ginger

300 ml water
3 tbs oil for sauteeing
Salt to taste

Put all ingredients in small pan and set aside around 10 minutes while you prepare the spices.

Ground all spices and saute with oil until fragrant.

Pour the spices along with the oil into the prepared beef, mix thoroughly and put over the stove, medium heat. Let cook for a while.

Pour water and let it boil, lastly but not least, sprinkle the salt, stir. Cover and let cook until tender. I’d love to let the water a little bit thicken. Don’t mix too much as it will ruin the tofu and potato.

Ready to serve. Easy peasy 🙂


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